Sports at Brooks

Tue, 09/03/2013
Brooks jersey.

The Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep Intramural Program offers a variety of activities designed for both recreation and healthy competition. We aim to promote physical fitness and general wellness in a positive and fun atmosphere. Our staff encourages good sportsmanship.

Sports Available

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Softball

  • Floor Hockey

  • Swimming (pending lifeguard approval)

  • Dodge Ball (pending CPS approval)

  • Kickball

  • Yoga

  • Powderpuff Football (girls only)

  • Cardio/Kickboxing


What are Intramurals?

The Athletic Department  provides recreational activities for all students, staff, and faculty. Teams and single participants can sign up for leagues and special events. Leagues run for 3-6 weeks, and 1 or 2 day events are scheduled throughout the year.  


Registration & Rosters

All registration is done by completing the registration and roster form from Ms. Lufrano.  Forms will be given out at lunch and posted outside the AD office. Each intramural activity has a specific amount of members allotted based on the sport.  The captain may add or delete members throughout the regular season. In order to compete in the championships, a member must have played in at least one regular season game. No new additions are allowed after playoffs begin.



Students must pay in order to participate in intramurals. The cost of each intramural session is $5. All intramurals are included in the the purchase of an Eagle Pass ($50).


Captains Meetings

The Captains Meetings are where students will get all the information about the league/event. Rules are discussed. If the team captain cannot make the meeting, then a team representative must be present. A team with no one present at the meeting will not be scheduled any games.


Team Captains

The team captain is responsible for his/her team's behavior and ensuring all member pay their fee to Ms. Lufrano, and making sure the team is ready and on time for all games. He/she is responsible for making sure all team members are eligible and have signed the team waiver prior to playing. The captain is the only team member allowed to contest officials' calls.


Free Agent

If you do not have a team to join but are interested in participating, you can enter as a free agent and the Athletic Department will assist you in finding a team to join. Free agents are highly encouraged to attend the captains' meetings.


Brooks Student-Athletes

Athletes are also welcome; however, in regards to like sports, teams are limited to two team members for sports with five or more players on the field/court and are limited to one club member for sports with four or less on the field/court. Example: basketball is 5 v 5, so only 2 Brooks basketball players may be on a team's roster. Softball is 9 v 9, so 2 baseball or softball club members may be on a team's roster.


ID Policy

All participants must have their Brooks IDs with them at all games. You must present your ID card at the check in table before each game.


Waiver Signatures

All participants must complete a signed waiver prior to their first game.