Welcome Back!

Thu, 08/31/2017
Students sitting during Summer icebreaker for Freshman Connect.

Dear Brooks Community,

Welcome back to school! The staff and I are incredibly excited to have your children in school this year, and to provide them with a world-class education.

Below, you will find some important details for the upcoming school year.

Start Times

School begins at 8:00 a.m. (sharp!) and ends at 3:30 p.m. New parents, we do have C Days every other Wednesday when students are dismissed at 12:10 p.m. Please monitor the school calendar for those specific dates.

First Day of School

Tuesday, September 5th is the first day of school. Mark it on your calendar and set a reminder on your phone! School begins at 8:00 a.m. This day is an A Day with an extended advisory. You can view the extended advisory bell schedule here. We will post the advisory list in the hallway and send an email with this information as well.

Schedule Updates:

We have been working tirelessly to ensure students are programmed into their classes. You can check Parent/Student Portal to view your student’s schedule. Your student will also receive a hard copy of their schedule during advisory on the first day.

Scheduling Change Request Process:

If you have a PRIORITY SCHEDULE CHANGE, please complete the Schedule Change Request Form (see link below). Our programmer will address these issues ASAP, and your issue should be fixed before the first day of school.


  1. No lunch
  2. Don't have 7 classes
  3. Two classes meeting at the same time
  4. Already took a class on schedule
  5. Missing a graduation requirement
  6. Don't have a schedule

If you have a non-priority schedule change, you may still complete the Schedule Change Request Form (see link below). However, your issues will not be addressed until after the first day of school. Your counselor will evaluate your request. Any requests approved by your counselor will be sent to our programmer.

NON-PRIORITY Schedule Changes:

  1. You didn't choose the class.
  2. You think the class will be too hard/ You don't want to take the AP Exam
  3. Missing graduation/requirements due to a course failure
  4. Didn't turn in a PE waiver

Link to Schedule Change Request Form:

Schedule Change Request Form


There is no supply list. Most supplies are covered by the fees paid during registration. If there are specific materials needed, teachers will notify students within the first week or two of school.

Summer Work:

In the past, many students and parents asked for summer work to be given so students could stay “sharp” while away from the rigor of school year. In response, we wanted to ensure your student had access to summer work. However, there was some confusion about the completion of summer work. Many students did not know their classes which led to confusion about what summer work should be completed. As a result, students will not be penalized for not completing the work. Next year, we will do a better job of clarifying the expectations for summer work completion.

Summer Updates:

This summer, we had a number of activities take place in the building (see the pics above)! We had three days of AC Connection for our incoming 7th graders and new 8th graders. We had three days of Freshman Connection for our incoming 9th graders. During Freshman Connection, we had guest speakers talk with our 9th graders about the importance of college and career readiness and starting their high school journey strong. We hope all of our new students enjoyed their connection experience and we look forward to continuing to develop connections with them.

Late Registration

Thank you to everyone who attended registration (early bird and regular) in August. We hope you found it to be a quick and seamless process! If you missed registration before the beginning of school we’ve got you covered. Even though you are participating in late registration this does not prevent your student/child from attending school on the first day. Your student will receive their registration folder during advisory the second week of school. You can send back all required documents with your student who should turn their folder into the main office. See Mr. Bayon in the Main Office to pay your fees September 18th from 3:30-5:00 p.m.. You can refer back to the attached registration document for a list of fees for each grade level.

Gates Scholarship Informational Meeting

We will host a district Gates Scholarship Informational meeting at Brooks on Thursday, September 7th at 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

School Calendar

The A, B, C, and D Days can sometimes get confusing. I highly encourage parents to utilize the Brooks website to understand the school calendar: brookscollegeprep.org.

Grading Procedures Updates

We have refined and improved mastery learning and standards-based grading at Brooks this year. There are some key differences from last year. Please review this document to understand our grading policy.

This year, teachers will either implement Full Standard Based Grading or 70% Summative/30% Formative. Please refer to the link above for the details and grading policies for each.

As you may recall, two years ago, we received $280,000 from LEAP Breakthrough Schools for our innovative and personalized approach to student learning. Last year, we started our journey of the implementation of personalized learning (which the state refers to as Competency Based Learning). Last year, our 7th graders and INT II classes participated in this pilot. This year, our Academic Center and INT Classes will be implementing Competency Based Learning (personalized learning) in their classes. Want to learn more about Competency Based Learning? Click here.

As a result of our standards based grading and the beginning of our competency based implementation work, we were selected to participate in the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Competency Based Learning Pilot. This year, we will work with the state and other schools involved in the pilot to develop and plan further implementation.

Student Handbook

The student handbook can be found here. This is an excellent resource for families interested in school-wide policy. Please note, if students are not participating in after school activities, they should be off campus by 6:00 p.m.

New Staff, New Names, and New Roles

This summer, we had some staff leave us. They had a huge impact on our school community and will be sorely missed! As a result, we will have new staff joining our Team. We send fond farewells to the following people:

  • Allison Gillick
  • Laura Boyle
  • Wynetta Newman
  • Christina Lufrano
  • Anner Kuenster
  • Arlington Vigilance
  • Sharee Onyezia
  • Shanna Griffus
  • Brian Webb

New Staff:

  • Dexter Wilde (English)
  • Christine Souferis (English)
  • Melisa Campos (History)
  • Christin Plunkett (English)
  • Gianna Campione (English)
  • Shea Parks (PE)
  • Emily Calderon (Art)
  • Alex Carstensen (STEM)
  • Russell Frye (STEM)
  • Denise Long (STEM)
  • Elizabeth Robbins (History)
  • Cortez McCoy (AP)
  • Chrishan David (English Department Chair)

Athletics: Field Updates

The field should be completed by the first or second week of school! Go Eagles!

7th/8th grade Sports

If any students are interested in participating in 7th or 8th grade sports, please contact Reggie Dawson (rdawson@cps.edu) for more information.

Upcoming Events

College Fair will be Tuesday, September 26th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in the Main Gym.

Curriculum Night will be Wednesday, September 27th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.. This is your opportunity to meet with teachers, ask questions, and learn about the experiences in your child’s classes. In addition, 7th grade teachers would like to meet with parents from 5:00-6:00 p.m. to discuss the unique learning experiences of the 7th grade program prior to the start of curriculum night.

  • Homecoming Game : October 7th HS
  • Homecoming Dance: October 6th or 7th (TBD)
  • AC Homecoming Dance: TBD
  • Pep Rally: October 6th
  • Open House: November 4th
  • AC 10-12, HS 12-3 MOY NWEA Math Testing: December 20th
  • MOY NWEA Reading Testing: December 21st
  • NAEP Testing: Feb. 13th
  • SAT: April 10th
  • Senior Luncheon: May 25th
  • Prom: June 1st
  • 8th Grade Trip: June 7th or 8th-June 10th or 11th
  • HS Graduation: June 11th CSU
  • 8th Grade Graduation: June 15th (Auditorium)

Local School Council (LSC)

The LSC meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. You can find the exact dates on the Brooks calendar.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The next PAC meeting will be September 5th at 6 p.m. Future meetings can be found on the Brooks calendar.

Village of Brooks (VOB)

Village of Brooks Parent Club invites all parents, grandparents, friends and anyone you consider part of your "village" to come join us at our first meeting of the school year on Tuesday September 5th at 6 p.m. in the school auditorium. Principal Jackson and the Administrative Team will provide information on upcoming events and school happenings.

The VOB meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. You can find the exact dates on the Brooks calendar.

Driving on Campus

All information below is grounded in our value for student safety over all other competing interests (e.g. convenience). If you are interested in volunteering to help with traffic flow before or after school please call 773-535-9930.

Drop-off info (7:15-8:00):

  • Arrive early. The earlier you drop-off the quicker you can get off campus and get to work.
  • Most people drop-off between 7:50-8:00am. Expect longer wait times during this time.
  • You can use both the North (behind the school) and South (in front of the school) lanes to drop off.
  • School buses drop students off behind the school. YIELD to buses for student safety.
  • Students park behind the school. YIELD to students as they cross the drive to get to school safely.
  • In front of the school there are horses set up to control the flow of traffic. The horses are there for safety so cars cannot pass each other or drive too fast on campus. Please do not move the horses.
  • Cars should make a single file lane both in front and behind the school. Passing is not allowed for student safety.
  • Wake up earlier, leave your home earlier, and arrive to campus earlier and your time on campus dropping-off will be a better and quicker experience.

Pick-up info (3:30-3:45):

  • No cars are allowed in front of the school (south drive) to pick-up at the end of the school day. The south drive is reserved for buses. In the past, buses could not move adequately because cars were blocking them.
  • Please park in the large parking lot behind (north) the school. Park in the lot. Parking on the drive is not permitted as it restricts the flow of traffic. Parking in the staff lot is not permitted.
  • Be patient! Everyone picking-up is trying to get home as quickly as possible. Everyone is in the same position.
  • Traffic must flow west behind the school after 3:30. This means all cars will exit the campus on 111th. This is not an inconvenience. It is just 3 right turns and 2 minutes away from MLK Drive. This is for student safety.

            Map of traffic flow.

Parking permits:

  • Parking permits are $50. All student vehicles must have a permit by Friday, October 6th.
  • Students must complete an application, pay the fee, and provide proof of insurance to park legally on campus.
  • Unauthorized cars will be towed by Rendered Services on 35th and Ashland. This is a contract through Sodexo.
  • Free parking is available on 111th.
  • Lots will be monitored between 9am-2:30pm to avoid towing before school and after school when we have events. If there is an all day event there will be no towing that day.
  • Parents and other guests that visit the school need to get a guest pass and put that in their car (or risk towing) between 9-2:30.
  • Guest passes are available at the security desk. Guest passes are uneccessary before October 5th.
  • We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive:
    • Lindblom - No parking available.
    • Jones - No student parking. Unauthorized vehicles towed.
    • South Shore - No student parking. Unauthorized vehicles towed.
    • Payton - No student parking. Unauthorized vehicles towed.
    • King - Free. Parking lot is two blocks from school. Was $40 in 2014.
    • Westinghouse - $25. Parking lot is two blocks from school.
    • Brooks - $50 on campus parking.
    • Whitney Young - $75 on campus parking.
    • Lane Tech - $95 on campus parking.
    • Northside - $175 on campus parking

Our Mission

To ensure each student learns at high levels.

Our Vision

To be the school of choice in Chicago

Our Values

Going the extra mile, being energetic and collaborative Again, I look forward to working with you this year!!!