The Variety Show: A Chance To Leave the Shell

Mon, 04/11/2016
Photo of two of the talents singing.

On Thursday, April 7th, Brooks hosted its annual Variety Show, where students demonstrate their talents: Whether they are dancing, singing, or telling jokes all talents are welcome.

All students at Brooks are talented in their own way and we use this event to help them come out their shy shell and show their fellow classmates what they have to offer.

This year's Variety Show contained mostly singing and dancing but, in my eyes, everyone’s performance was breathtaking. One act though stuck out: Jacara Davis had students out of their seats jumping around and trying to sing to her heavy metal rock. Aaron Ortiz also had a great response from the audience as he sang a song by Frank Sinatra. Aaron had the crowd and his biggest fan, his father, jumping in excitement.

If one has stage fright, and seek to get over their fears the Variety Show is a great way to start. It is a friendly environment and the performer can relate to the crowd. No matter what you do on stage - yes, even if the performance was horrible - the crowd will cheer for you.