Too Good To Be a Rally

Thu, 10/20/2016
Students sitting during 2016 Brooks Pep Rally

By Na'im Muhammad (#ClassOf2K19)

On Thursday, October 13th, 2016, students were given an altered A-Day schedule with 90 minutes cut from their usual class time.

While teachers (and nerds, you know who you are) might not have been too happy to hear that at first, I can guarantee everyone exited the gym feeling enlightened and invigorated.

The Pep Rally (click here for photos) started out with everyone sitting down in their grade-segregated sections, chanting their 2 syllable class titles towards one another. I shouldn’t say ‘started’, as this action was repeated multiple times throughout the event. Grades were put against one another in multiple challenges such as balloon smashing, kart racing, and making noise.

This year, we had a fifth class included in our pep rally and the seventh graders made an excellent debut.

Our band here at Brooks entertained us for a song and the gigantic speaker in the center of the gym accompanied all the dancers and performers. The dancers were great and no one could say a thing about anyone. Everything was excellent.

Am I missing something? The mistress and master of the concert? The Star-Spangled Banner? The 2K17 Sports’ Teams?

Congrats to the Class of 2017 on making it this far in their academic careers! Their red shirts and decorations made an excellent addition to all of our colors here at Brooks, but don’t expect a lot of senior propaganda in this article. I’m a sophomore, so my perspective of the Pep Rally did not even center around my class or theirs. What made my day, despite my ears popping at the end, was the wonderful display, happiness, cheer, and school spirit shown by every member of our Brooks family.

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