Tenacious Typing in Typing Seminar

Thu, 10/20/2016
Picture of a typewriter

Hello, my name is Na’im Muhammad and I am here to talk to you about an excellent seminar at our school!

Before I start, let me answer the question you probably asked yourself when you first saw the title of this article: Yes, there is a typing seminar, and it does take place at our school. The seminar was started and is currently moderated by Ms. Santoyo, a teacher you may know already. You may be wondering what we do in this seminar, and let me say this, WE DON'T TYPE ESSAYS!

The typing seminar was originally conceived by Ms. Santoyo because she always remembered how much she loathed the repetitive nature of typing when she was in high school. She originally thought that a typing class was pointless and a waste of time. When she went to college, though, she noticed that she was able to type all her papers very quickly and get work done. This was because the class she took in high school increased her speed over most of her classmates.

The typing seminar at Brooks is where everyone starts from the basics. From individual keystrokes, you can proceed to typing words at a very fast pace and eventually you will even take your eyes off the keyboard!

This is my second time in this seminar (my typing has begun to slack), and I love the fact that I will eventually be able to type for myself in college. Many students don’t realize how fundamental typing is when taking notes and completing assignments in college, but... we go to a college preparatory school!

Na'im Muhammad