Spiking and Soaring on Senior Night

Thu, 10/06/2016
Photo of volleyball team with parent and balloons.

The crowd of underclassmen, upperclassmen, parents, and faculty alike roars in support of our female senior volleyball athletes as they face off against Simeon. The Lady Eagles came out fighting and took set one with a score of 25-18. For the second set, however, Simeon put up more of a battle. Intensity was at an all time high, with the set tied at 22. As Simeon reached 24, Brooks went up for a spike, but unfortunately, it didn't reach. This cost Brooks the victory over Simeon for set two.

We entered set three with a rowdy and hyped crowd. Simeon’s team was trying its hardest to shut our girls down and matched our score at 18, seven points away from victory. Soon enough, though, the Lady Eagles emerged victorious, hitting 25 and taking the match.

Congratulations on your Senior Night girls!