Out on a Fall Day

Wed, 11/09/2016
Photo of Starved Rock Cave.

As the weather changes and the leaves turn all sorts of different colors, why not experience our beautiful Midwestern fall for yourself? Starved Rock National State Park is the perfect place to plan all of your winter festivities, as well as take in the beautiful scenery of its famous attractions, like Lovers' Leap and the Starved Rock observation point. You can enjoy a day of exploring, dining, and other activities available to you.

There are multiple legends of how the park got it’s name - “Starved Rock”. The most credible one, however, stated that there were two tribes, the Ottawa and the Potawatomi, who sought revenge after Pontiac, the Ottawan Chief, was assassinated. They attacked a group of Illiniwek, who were accused of the assassination. The Illiniwek sought refuge atop a butte, fighting off the Ottawa and the Potawatomi. Days passed and the Illiniwek grew hungry, slowly dyeing off, giving the place its current name - "Starved Rock”.

Camari Morrison