Our New Year's Resolutions Here at Brooks

Thu, 01/21/2016
A pie chart that represents how different aspects of improvement in 2016.
Our Resolutions Here at Brooks

Here at Brooks improvement is a very important thing we as a family should strive for. Just being a freshman here, I was interested in what the those things were in regards for the year of 2016. I took a survey for these results and go some interesting results. With this article is a pie chart I constructed to represent the data and find out what the majority of Brooks was interested in doing this new year!

According to the pie chart 40% of those who took the survey were intersted in personal improvement. The 'Personal Improvements' section represents doing more in terms of housework, time management, and other skills to help their daily lives. The runner up 'Mental Health' category was mentioned by 28% of participants and involves things such as helping themselves in terms of self confidence and positivity. 'Physical Fitness' includes things such as fitness plans, weight management, and improving eating habbits. 'Improve at Brooks' is improving things you do here at Brooks. This consists of striving for higher grades, participating in more activities, seeking help, getting lesson plans in on time, etc. Lastly, 'Social Health' includes comminucating and socializing more or less depending on your social habits. 

I am facinated to see people are improving themselves in a variety of ways. I hope everyone is able to attain their goals this year and remember, we are not perfect. There is always room for improvement, and if you have made a goal for this year, it is only a matter of exicuting and achieving it to reach success.