A Look Ahead: A Strategic Vision for CPS

Thu, 11/03/2016
Photo of Principal Jackson, students and Dr. Jackson.

On November 2nd, 2016, principals, students, Local School Council (LSC) representatives, and community organizations from across the far south side of Chicago came to attend a meeting and asked questions to Dr. Janice Jackson. Dr. Jackson is Chief Education Officer of Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Despite the desire to see the Cubs play against the Indians later that night, in the seventh and final game of the World Series (#CubsWin), the audience stayed for the duration of the meeting.


The night started with an introduction from Brooks’ principal, Ms. Shannae Jackson, reviewing the excellent achievements of Class of 2016 (academics, scholarships, and graduation rate) and how they exceeded in every way! Dr. Janice Jackson picked up the microphone for the rest of the evening.


The main topic Dr. Jackson presented on was her current plan for CPS: The Three Commitments. These commitments are: academic progress, financial stability, and integrity. When she described academic progress Dr. Jackson included improving the performance of students, offering equity in education, safer schools, and less suspensions. The section on financial stability focused on sustaining the services for schools such as high speed Internet and computers. Finally, integrity was explained as an expansion on committing to educating Chicago’s youth and getting advice from the community through 21st century social media tools.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Jackson’s plan, go to cps.edu/vision or follow @CPSCEdO, @ClaypoolCPS and use #ImCPS.

Remember to follow our Principal Jackson @BrooksMsJackson and Brooks’ Student Senate Twitter feed, @GB_StudentVoice.

Na'im Muhammad