February Dr. Howard Staff Member of the Month Award

Fri, 03/11/2016
MS. Seavoy directing the Brooks band.

February's staff and student's choice for the monthly Dr. Howard Staff Member of the Month Award went to Ms. Carrie Seavoy. Runner up was Dr. Warren. Here is what some anonymous voters wrote about Ms. Seavoy:

"I can't even put into words the dedication and effectiveness of Carrie Seavoy. She not only is the entire Performing Arts Department teaching six classes, but also is the sponsor of numerous clubs including the Encore which requires an intense amount of work. Not only does she do the things I mentioned above, but goes above and beyond providing her students opportunities for field trips and new materials that she frequently gets funded through DonorsChoose. She is amazing and deserves an extra week of spring break."

"Carrie supports and cultivates the passions of so many of our students. She challenges them to grow and develop their musical skills and talents. Carrie also works with all grade levels to support students in all their classes.

In addition, she has worked closely with the diverse learning community to include them in her classes and her seminars!"

"What doesn't she do?! Ms. Seavoy does an amazing job running the performing arts department on her own. She cares so much about her students that she is teaching more classes than anyone else at Brooks because she wants to make sure students have the opportunity to participate in music.

She is always extremely supportive and available to listen. She makes herself available for students to practice."

"Carrie is by far one of the most dedicated teachers I've met. She is so passionate about her job and when I think of the typical music teacher I think of Carrie. Her dedication is shown in the countless hours she spends at Brooks directing plays and musicals, winter and spring concert, conducting at games and pep rallies and working with the students in her class.

Carrie is willing to go out of her way to help a student academically and emotionally. She is a favorite for many Brooks students because of her warm personality.

Carrie is overdue for staff member of the month! I mean she runs her own department! And did you guys see that cute thank you card she made after the winter concert??"

"If only for the number of classes she teaches, Ms. Seavoy deserves a nomination. She has an overloaded schedule and doesn't even get to eat lunch **ever** until last block. Despite the extra workload, the work she does for her classes is still excellent and she puts in tons of extra time to make sure that's true. She has used lots of her own money to front the purchase of new reeds and mouthpieces for her band and orchestra, she has secured a number of donated instruments and she has accrued grants and other special opportunities for her students that are so far beyond the extra mile. On top of all of that, she also runs Encore by herself AND sponsors the a cappella group, which is almost another job in itself. She cares deeply about her students, fights for what is best for them, and sacrifices what she needs nearly all the time.

I think I've given more than enough reasons to support her winning this, but she always contributes meaningfully to PD days and is very willing to put herself and her struggles out there for the benefit of the group. She is always giving feedback to her students who even tease her for being so supportive.

Ms. Seavoy is the only performing arts teacher this year at works and teaches 250 students, she stays after school most days of the week and somehow manages to put on amazing performances with these students despite being alone.

Ms. Seavoy has been involved in and is involved in countless committees at the school. She reaches the students who might struggle in other areas of education, but shine bright in the performing arts (in her classes).

She is an asset to Brooks. She is enthusiastic about all she pursues and motivated to change our school for the better. She is super organized and on top of her game. She has already made a big difference in the arts at Brooks and it is only her second year here."