Brooks' New Sound Guy

Tue, 03/22/2016
Photo of John McNulty.

Mr. Jonathan McNulty is Brooks' new Sound Engineer! He will be in charge of Brooks' new recording studio as well as managing the sound board and some lighting functionality in the School's auditorium.

I asked Mr. McNulty a few questions as a way to introduce him to the wider Brooks community.


Na'im Muhammad: Hello Mr. McNulty.

John McNulty: Morning Na'im!

NM: I would like to interview you for the school website. Here are my questions: How did you become a sound engineer?

JM: I've always been interested in music. I played the trumpet from 3rd grade all the way till senior year of high school. I then began to play the drums and guitar. I quickly realized, that songwriting and producing was what I truly gravitated towards. In this technological driven society and dire music economy, recording oneself seemed like the most beneficial avenue to a budding producer. So, I bought myself a MacBook and delved into the wonderful world of Garageband: You gotta crawl before you can walk! I later, went to school at Tribeca Flashpoint here, in the Chicago downtown area, and away I went. I interned at Engine Studios in Wicker Park and Lincoln Hall/Schubas to get my live chops up. I currently am I freelance Audio Engineer with various A/V companies and run my own home studio.

NM: What kind of experience do you bring here to Brooks?

JM: I think I bring a real world experience. I've seen a lot! I've worked with all kinds of musicians, producers, project managers, demanding clients. You name it.

NM: What is it like to work here at Brooks?

JM: It is really a pleasure working at Brooks. There's a very visceral excitement working with people so new to the recording and theatre process. I also find it gratifying to share my knowledge and experience with curious minds.

NM: What are your duties here at Brooks?

JM: I mainly work in the recording studio and theatre. Both share their own obstacles, but are also very similar. I am basically in charge of keeping both separate entities working at a high level. That being said, my main goal is to give the Brooks student body the best recording and theatre experience possible.

NM: How do you feel your high school experience compared to that of current Brooks students?

JM: High school was a decade ago for me. I think the high school experience for your generation is much different than mine. Social media was just beginning. Technology was nowhere near where it is today. I think the ultra connectivity that is the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. An issue I wasn't really faced with as an adolescent

NM: Thank you for your responses and I look forward to working with you here at Brooks!

JM: Thanks!