Promising Prospective of Brooks Lady Eagles Basketball

Sat, 04/05/2014
Photo of a Lady Eagle facing an opponent.

The Brooks Lady Eagles basketball team has been shooting up the charts. Just as the season began, the Brooks girls basketball team made it a personal goal of theirs to make it to the top, and they are, unquestionably, working every step of the way toward their goal. 

Although a slew of seniors left the team with a insignificant record the year prior, the Lady Eagles decided not to let this stop them. Many Chicago schools have not considered Brooks a threat since they won the City Championship in 2006, but this season the dynamic group of ladies proved all of those teams wrong with an sensational record of 20-5. Just as they worked for it, they surpassed many of their past adversaries such as Morgan Park in order to reach the City Championship and North Lawndale to win 1st place at the Seton Holiday Tournament.

Not only is the team outstanding on the court but, one remarkable trait of The Lady Eagles is that the whole program works as a well-oiled machine run by the great chemistry the girls share, on top of being well accomplished student-athletes. Many of the girls have played together in summer leagues and traveling competition leagues and some have just assimilated onto the team easily; it is a very chummy environment as well. Although captain of the team Akina Wellere just transferred to Brooks, she is a prime example of how close-knit the team is and it shows on and off the court. She says, “Part of the reason why we perform so well is because we are like sisters and together we are one big family along with our coach, Reggie Dawson, who has supported and encouraged us to multiple victories”.