Marathon Team Schedule & Info

Mon, 04/29/2013

Special Schedule and Meeting Place for Sat., 9/21

TWV - 20 miler
Time and Date: +Saturday 9/21
+6am!  NEW TIME!!!
Meeting Spot: The Benjamin Franklin Statue in Lincoln Park (1700 N. Stockton, Chicago, IL 60614)
Parking: Meter parking in nearby neighborhood but easiest is car-pooling and paying for Parking Lot at 1746 N. Stockton.  This parking lot is right next to the starting line.

Special Instructions: Make sure to look for the banners and go straight to the TWV Tent. Be there by +6am because each person will have to register at our tent (sign a waiver) to get their bib.  It is still free for our runners but it is important to be there before +6am so we have time to sign everyone up and pin on our bibs!
Course: They will have aid stations with water and gatoraid but our runners should still bring their own "on the run nutrition"
Finish: That same TWV tent will be our finish party with snacks, music, drinks and talk of "how great the taper will be"

Wear your TWV Jersey to get the free entry and paint the lake front ORANGE!


Get your tickets here for the pre-marathon dinner on Sat the 12th, 6-7:30 pm at the UIC Forum (725 W Roosevelt)

Follow the Google Calendar (below) if you miss a practice and run on your own.