Being a Junior at Gwendolyn Brooks

Wed, 10/23/2013
Brooks Junior


What’s your dream job? What college do you want to attend? You need more AP classes. Join a sport! Engage in more clubs! ACTs are coming up, no pressure. Your junior year in high school is most likely the most stressful year. Freshman year was so laid back and your only real worry was making friends and making sure you don’t sit by yourself at the lunch table. Sophomore year was breezy and you just wanted to get that last year of P.E. out the way. You have all these worries as soon as you enter junior year and so far it’s really hard to handle. As soon as you get back into the school year you are given a variety of different tasks and you become frustrated and by the end of every school day all you want is for it to be summer again.


         The colleges you choose look back at this year and decide if they want you to attend their marvelous academy or university. Everything is based on your teenage years and you’re expected to be the best of the best and make all of these decisions. You’re forced to make all of these choices and you can’t even decide what movie you want to watch on Netflix. Say you pick the wrong AP class to take and you end up struggling the entire year because you understood nothing and no matter how many times you attend after school tutoring you still can’t finish all the AP calculus work or pass those pop quizzes you get when you walk into class. You are told by your counselor that taking at least 4 AP classes this year, colleges would have a greater chance of choosing you. Would they still pick me if I’m barely holding on to a B or C in these classes? Or if I pass the big AP exams in May with a 3? Here’s another thing for me to worry about: taking the ACTs and AP exams around the same time of the year. Not only do I have to be taking extra classes and taking hours away from my sleep to make sure I pass my ACTs with at least a 25, but I have to study for my AP U.S. class, AP calculus, and AP studio art exams as well?


       Joining a sport really helps me relieve my stress after a long day at school. I joined the Brooks softball team my freshman year and I couldn’t be happier when I’m around my second family. (GO EAGLES!) It helps having something else to do after school besides eat, do homework, or procrastinate and be on twitter all night. In order to maintain your spot on a Brooks team you have to have good grades if not, you get benched. I think it’s a great rule because then I know that my education has to be put first then a sport I do on the side. If you’re looking to play a sport in college then you should really keep up with your grades since there would probably be no future for you if you’re benched for a couple games because you’re failing art or music.


     You have to be able to balance out your social and academic life your junior year. You don’t want to miss out on the Homecoming dance or Friday night football games or spending time with your friends. You can’t let your parents expectations get in the way of you having some fun. If you feel like you’re completely done with school and can’t handle it anymore then go out to see a movie or go out to eat.


   Junior year is tough and stressful, but after these 10 months you become a senior and you’re given a lot of responsibility. You walk into Brooks and it’s your last first day of high school and you wish you could go back to your freshman year or junior year and change whatever you regret not doing or what you did do and you’re forced to live with it. You can’t give up this year. Be the best you can be.