Math Team Ends on an Upswing!

Mon, 04/17/2023
Group photo of Brooks Math Team

On Saturday, April 15th, Brooks Math Team participated in the City of Chicago Math League Finals.

Brooks finalized the season in the fourth place overall in Division C.

Team awards were given to our awesome Precalc Team, who took the first place and to the Geometry Team, who took the second place.

Individual awards were announced and the winners were:
- Daniel Cassanova - second place in Precalc
- Kailie Patrick - third place in Precalc
- Josue Sandoval - third place in Geometry
- Rodeline Philipe - fourth place in Algebra 1

Also Daniel Cassanova received a cumulative award for all contests this year for second place in Precalc!

That sums up our math team season this school year! Congrats to our Brooks students for being so determined and motivated in practicing math and exploring new mathematical concepts!

Thanks to Ms. Saltouros for providing this opportunity to our students.

Go Brooks!