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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
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2 and 7

STEM I is a new course designed by the Brooks STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) department to teach 9th grade scholars an integrated approach to the study of scientific topics. The focus of the curriculum introduces scholars to the idea of inquiry with life science, Earth and space science, and physical science. The rigorous curriculum provides scholars a coherent alternative to the traditional sequence of biology, chemistry, and physics. The goal of STEM I is to increase scholars understanding of the concepts of science, present the content in a relevant context, increase student interest and achievement and to enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The topics of study for level 1 include; matter, atoms, the Periodic Table, molecules/bonding, cells, energy, the nervous system, muscles/bones, stars, light, galaxy formation, Earth/space biosphere, and Mathematical and Technological Connections. Scholars will study these topics through Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities, laboratory experiments, and quarterly STEM projects and/or research. 


Submit assignments and access the online textbook on Google Drive

Check communications for your class below: 

Mystery Sports Drink Advertisement

Due at the beginning of class. Make sure to read the requirements listed in the rubric. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 10/02/2014
Mystery Sports Drink Notebook Check

Due at the beginnging of class. 

Your notebook should be properly labeled and include the following

  • Discussion and observation (#2-5 from process and procedure pg 46)
  • Research Notes 
  • Data gathered from tests
  • Calculations
  • Adjusted recipe/Final recipe
Due Date: 
Thu, 10/02/2014
Science Notebeook Check

During my absense you should have completed Elaborate, #9 on pg 41. I will be checking your notebook specifically for this assignment. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 10/02/2014
Feedback Form

Complete THIS FORM by Tuesday at 11:59 pm for full credit. 


Due Date: 
Tue, 10/07/2014
Making Measurements Practice

Complete the packet with practice for making measuremtns using a graduated cylinder, thermometer, triple beam balance, and ruler. This homework assignment will be going into gradebook. 

Due Date: 
Tue, 10/14/2014
Recipe for Wave Toy

Complete question number 8 on pg 65 to create a wave toy. Your recipe must be specific!! 

Due Date: 
Tue, 10/14/2014

Process and Procedure 1&2

  1. Re-write your procedure for measuring the density of the three liquids. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY
  2. Create a data table for gathering your data. 


Due Date: 
Thu, 10/16/2014

Complete your procedure for finding the density of a liquid.

Create a data table to gather data to find the density of a liquid. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 10/20/2014

Complete the following in your notebook:

Pg 67: #1

Pg 68: #2

Pg 70: #1, 2a

If you do not have the proceudres and tables completed for next class, you will recieve a zero for this lab. 


Due Date: 
Tue, 10/21/2014

Pg 68 4-7

Pg 69 Stop and Think

Pg 71 Stop and Think 


Correct your Density Worksheet (click here if you need another copy) 

Due Date: 
Thu, 10/23/2014

There will be questions from this reading on your GFA! 

Read pg 73-79

You should have answers in your notebook for the following:

  • 1 a-c
  • 2 a-c
  • 5 a-b
  • Refelct and Connect 1-3 
Due Date: 
Wed, 10/29/2014
GFA on Wednesday!

The GFA will assess goals 3, 4, 6 and 7 from unit 2, chapter 2. 

Due Date: 
Wed, 10/29/2014

Complete process and procedure pg 82-83 #6-13 in your notebook. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!! 

Due Date: 
Mon, 11/03/2014

Complete Stop and Think Part 1 pg 24

Complete drawaing for 2b on pg 86

Due Date: 
Thu, 11/06/2014

Chapter 2: Goal 4 worksheet. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 11/06/2014

I/A worksheet

Reflect and Connect 2-4 pg 90

For the signs of a chemical change read pg 83. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 11/17/2014

Wave toy review  (click on link to see copy of assignment). 

Due Date: 
Mon, 11/17/2014

Review I/A worksheets

Correct GFA 1

Complete Ch 2 Review 

Complete Final Copy of Wave Toy Activity 

Due Date: 
Thu, 11/20/2014

Complete Properties "R" Us summative lab. There are two worksheets to be submitted along with your poster. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 12/01/2014

Reflect and Connect on pg 104

Read procedures on pgs 108-109

Due Date: 
Wed, 12/03/2014

Complete 11 questions about the Electrical Conductivty Reading. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 12/04/2014

Reflect and Connect pg 107 

Due Date: 
Mon, 12/08/2014

Stop and think part 1 pg 115 

Stop and think part 2 pg 116

Stop and think part 3 pg 118

Part 4 pg 119 -124 

Do not do the reflect and connect on pg 124. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 12/11/2014

Make sure your notebook is up to date for chapter 3 using the list you recieved in class. You should have everything from Unit Goals through Reflect and Connect pg 124. 


Read and annotate the worksheets. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 12/15/2014

Noteooks are due on Thursday/Friday!

Color code the periodic table

Complete half sheet practice 

Due Date: 
Thu, 12/18/2014

Click on the following link to complete the homework assignment. All work should be completed on loose leaf paper to be turned in at the beginning of class on Jan 8/9.


Due Date: 
Thu, 01/08/2015

Complete Building an Atom Worksheet (see link above)

Complete Graphing Periodic Trends worksheet. You should have 6 graphs to go along with your worksheet. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 01/12/2015

Complete all of Atomic Basics worksheet. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 01/15/2015

Types of chemical bonds half sheet. 

Due Date: 
Tue, 01/20/2015

2nd period STEM

Atomic Math Challenge WS

Periodic Trends Half sheet. 


Due Date: 
Thu, 01/22/2015

Complete semester 1 study guide, which should include ch 1, ch 2, ch 3, and ch 4. 

Please note that your final will also include question(s) on the history of the atom, specifically modles of the atom. 

Due Date: 
Tue, 01/27/2015

In your notebook you should have the following:

Unit 2: The Machinery of Life (pg 245)

List the 4 chapters in Unit 2

List the 4 goals for the unit 

Chapter 6- Cells: The building blocks of life

List 4 goals pg 250

List major concepts for cells only (4)!!

Engage: What do you know about cells? pg 254


Due Date: 
Fri, 01/30/2015

Complete microscope crossword puzzle.

Complete #3 pg 255

Due Date: 
Fri, 02/06/2015

Follow the link below for a list of the assignments that should be in your science notebook. The assignments in red will be completed next week!


Due Date: 
Tue, 02/10/2015


Read and annotate readings on Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, and Amino Acids 

Stop and Think #1-3 pg 262

Due Date: 
Wed, 02/11/2015


Reflect and Connect 1-3 pg 264

Due Date: 
Thu, 02/12/2015
A DAY 2/17/15
•Draw figure 6.28 pg 293
–Don’t forget to label and caption your picture!
•#5-6 pg 293
•R&C #1-3 pg 295
•Finish worksheet
•Finish concept map
Due Date: 
Thu, 02/19/2015
B Day 2/18/15
#5 pg 293
•Draw figure 6.28 pg 293
–Don’t forget to label and caption your picture!
•Read “Transport of Molecules” on pg 294
•R&C #1-3 pg 295
Due Date: 
Fri, 02/20/2015
•Make flashcards of the Ch 6 Vocabulary words (list is on the google drive).
•You may use a flashcard app on a smartphone or real flashcards. See me if you need flashcards.
•Make sure you answer question #3 on pg 295. A little birdie told me you will have a question similar to this on your GFA! 
Due Date: 
Mon, 02/23/2015
Notes on Cells Divided pg 292-301
P&P #2-3 pg 302
R&C 1-3 pg 303

Reminder: Notebooks are due March 4/5!!

Due Date: 
Mon, 02/23/2015

Consider adding to your vocabular flashcards to help you study for your summative

Ch 6 notebook check is on March 5/6

"A Celly Adventure"  short story due March 5/6

Due Date: 
Thu, 03/05/2015

"A Celly Adventure"  short story 

2 pgs typed double spaced. Must include two to 3 illustrations. Read the rubric for all requirements. 


Due Date: 
Mon, 03/09/2015

[15 min] Read and take notes on Energy on pg 327
[10 min] Complete Stop and Think on pg 329
[20 min] Read and take notes on Making Carbon Compounds pg 330­333
[15 min] Complete Reflect and Connect #1­5 pg 334
[10 min] Read and take notes on Photosynthesis Isn’t just for Plants pg 335­ 336 [20 min] ATP/ADP worksheet

Homework: Photosynthesis worksheet 

Due Date: 
Mon, 03/16/2015

Do some research on photosynthesis. Is photosynthesis faster or slower with carbon dioxide? Does your data support the research? If yes, give evidence. If no, provide sources of error. 

Due Date: 
Mon, 03/23/2015

Write a summary paragraph on Biosynthesis and Breakdown pg 350-352. Email to Ms. G by 5 pm Tuesday (2nd period), Wednesday (7th period). 

Complete study guide 

Prepare notebook for notebook check

Due Date: 
Wed, 04/01/2015
Assignments from week 4/13

pg 362 P&P 1-4

pg 363 R&C 1-4

pg 366 #5

pg 366 #7

pg 370 #2

pg 372 #4

pg 373 S&T 1-2


Due Date: 
Mon, 04/20/2015

create a histogram using the data from the spreadsheet below.

Answer the following questions:

1. Describe the shape of the histogram

2. What does the shape mean? 

Categories of Behaviors pg 374-375: includude a discription and an example. 

#7 pg 366

pg 367 R&C 

Due Date: 
Thu, 04/23/2015

Read pgs 386-389

draw figure 8.24 in notes

#2 pg 289

Complete virtual lab journal and table. Email to Ms. G at

Due Date: 
Fri, 04/24/2015

Create a concept map using the following words:

  1. axon
  2. behavior
  3. dendrite
  4. genes
  5. inherited
  6. neuron
  7. reflex
  8. environment
  9. innate behavior
  10. instinct
  11. learned behavior
  12. nervous system
  13. stimulus
  14. synapse
  15. response 
Due Date: 
Fri, 05/01/2015

Create an EdPuzzle account 

2nd period code: aMEYq5

7th period code: egkADk

Ch 8 vocabulary flashcards

Due Date: 
Tue, 05/05/2015

Complete procedure for observation on Thursday. 

Due Date: 
Thu, 05/07/2015

Create ch 8 study guide for summative on May 11/12. 

Work on lab report: Due May 18/19

Due Date: 
Mon, 05/11/2015

Identify the types of passages and questions for the Explore test (sent via email or test booklet from Advisory teacher). 

Due Date: 
Thu, 05/21/2015
Due Date: 
Mon, 06/15/2015