Precalculus (Tyagi) Per 2,4,7,8

Aurora Tyagi
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
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Welcome to our Honors Precalculus:

Reference Materials:

Hungerford, T.W, Jovell, I.; Mayberry, B. (2006). Precalculus A graphing approach. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Precalculus  Daily Work (Mrs. Tyagi)









9/7 B

Class Orientation/Syllabus /Classroom Norms
Log In into “Google Classroom”



9/8 A
9/9 B

Explore the relationship of shoe size and height.  Measure and collect data. Post data using google classroom



9/12 A
9/13 B

Introduce Using Function
Lecture Note 1 Function
Hw. P.148-149 #1-34 evens; 38,42,52,54,63,65,70
Intervention: Selected Try It
Acceleration: complete the questions in the lecture notes “All try it “ or start working on Hw Practice.



9/14 D

In Class Practice/Intervention: Practice 1-34
Acceleration #38,42, 52 or use computer software



9/15 A Day
9/16 B Day

Hw. Check /Hw Feedback
Weekly Assessment 1

LT 1.1, LT 1.2, LT 1.3, LT 1.4a








9/19 A
9/20 B

Lecture Note 2
Graphing Function with increasing and decreasing Intervals.  Using calculator finder for maxima and minima
HW 2 Practice p.161 #17-22
Intervention: 3 selected problems
Acceleration: Use computer software to explore graphing.



9/21 C Day

Seminar Day



9/22 A Day
9/23B Day

Lecture Note 3:

Concavity: Concave Up and Down and their interval notation.
HW 3 p 161 #33-36 ALL
Intervention: Practice using the graphing calculator
Intervention: Help to solve selected try it questions.
Acceleration: Do it Now.

(p.161 Problem 33,34,35,36)

Return Weekly Assessment 1 (WA_1) Feedback
Weekly Assessment 2 will be given on Monday for A Day and Tuesday for B day







9/6 In Class Activity: Explore, what is a relation?

Extended Advisory Schedule
Issued a class syllabus. Contant information signed by your parents due next meeting.
Discussion classroom norms and expectations.
Textbook Preview: 

Log into Google Classroom
You will log into our google classroom and answer the google form question: your height in centimeters and your shoe size in centimeter. Your job is to measure and be able to send you data using google classroom. You will analyze your group data and graph the relation: Height vs. Shoe Size. Describe the pattern of the relation and next meeting,  you will be asked if the relation is a function or not. How do you know?

Due Date: 
Thu, 09/08/2016
HW 1 p148-149 #1-34 evens; 38,42,52,54,63,65,70

Assigned 9/12 A and 9/12 B   Due 9/15 A and 9/16 B

Due Date: 
Fri, 09/16/2016
HW 2 Practice p.161 #17-22

9/22 A and 9/23 B

Due Date: 
Thu, 09/22/2016
HW 3 Practice p.161 #33,34,35, 36
Due Date: 
Mon, 09/26/2016
Extra Practice Worksheet 4.1 and Identifying Ws Practice

Issued 9/15-16 A and B. Must be complete before taking assessment.

Due Date: 
Thu, 09/29/2016
Precalculus (Tyagi) Per 2,4,7,8