Parent-Teacher Conferences, Spring 2020

Wed, 04/22/2020
Parents Talking to Counselor


Please use the list of links below to schedule your appointment for a video-chat version of the regular parent-teacher conferences. The meeting will happen on the Google Meet platform.

You may connect through your computer browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) or by phone.

TeacherAvailable TimeLink to Appointment Calendar/Sign UpPlatformsSecondary Method of Communication
BARRETT8:30am-12:30pm Friday 4/24Mr. Barrett's Appointment CalendarGoogle
BOLER12-4pm Wednesday April, 29thCounselor Boler Appointment Calendar 4/29Google
BROWN12-4 pm Thursday April 23rdDr. Brown's Appointment Calendar
CAGNEYMonday, 4/27, 2-6Ms. Cagney's Appointment CalendarGoogle Meet 
CALDERON2-6pm Wednesday, April 29Calderon Appointment CalendarGoogle
CAMPIONE9am-1pm - Monday April 27thMs. Campione's Parent Teacher ConferencesGoogle
CAMPOS2-6pm Thursday, April 30Campos Appointment CalendarGoogle
CARSTENSEN11AM-3PM, April 29Carstensen Appointment CalendarGoogle
CASTRO12-4pm Thursday, April 23rdCastro Appointment CalendarGoogle
CICIORAFriday, April 24th 5 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday, April 28th 4 pm - 6 pm
Mrs. Ciciora Conference AppointmentsGoogle
CLARK2-6 p.m. Thursday, April 30thMrs. Clark & Mr. Greanias' Parent Teacher ConferencesGoogle &
DAVID12-4pm Thursday, April 23rdMs. David's Appt Calendar April 23rd, 2020Google
DIAZ12:00-4:00, Wednesday, April 29thCounselor Diaz' Appointment Calendar 4/29Google MeetEmail:
DUNNING12-4pm Thursday, April 23rdMr Dunning's Parent ConferencesGoogleMeetEmail:
EJZAK2-6 p.m. Thursday, April 23rdEjzak Appointment CalendarGoogle
FAMERA2-6PM - Wednesday 4/29Mr. Famera Parent Teacher ConferencesGoogle Meet/
JACOBSEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointment
GARCIA1-2pm - Thursday, April 23rdEmail to set up an appointmentGoogle
HARDING12pm-4pm Wednesday, April 29thMr. Harding's Appointment CalendarGoogle
HICKEY12:00-4:00PM - Thursday, April 23rdMs. Hickey Appointment CalendarGoogle MeetEmail:
IM10:30 to 12:30 Friday & 1 to 3pm TuesdayMr. Im Appointment CalendarGoogle
JACKSON, A.10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm Wednesday, April 29thCounselor Jackson 4/29 Appointment CalendarGoogle
JAMISON-KOENIG12-4pm Friday 4/24 and 10am-1pm Friday 4/28JK's Appointment CalendarGoogle MeetEmail: to coordinate alternate platform/method
JONES11 am-3pm Thursday April 30thMs. Jones Appointment CalendarGoogle MeetEmail:
KMICIKEWYCZ3:00pm-9:30pm Thursday, 23APR2020Mr. Kmicikewycz Appointment CalendarGoogle
KOSTERISEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointment
LONG12:00-4:00PM Wednesday April 29thDr. Long's Parent ConferencesGoogle
MAGALLANES8:30 am- 12:30 pm Friday April 24thMr. M's Appointment CalendarGoogle
MITCHELL2-6pm - Thursday, April 23rdMr. Mitchell's Parent Conference AppointmentsGoogle
MORGAN11am - 3pm Friday, April 24thMr. Morgan's Parent Teacher Conference AppointmentsGoogle
MORTENSEN2-6pm - Thursday, April 23rdMs. Horsley's Appointment CalendarGoogle MeetEmail to set up an appointment
MROZEK12-2pm Fri., Apr. 24th, 4:00-6:00pm Tues. Apr 28Mrozek Conference Signup (4/24 and 4/28)Google
Mulder12:30-4:30 Wednesday April 29thMulder Appointment Calendar for 4/29/20Google MeetEmail:
MULLOOLY12:30-4:30 Thursday April 30thMullooly appointment Calendar for 4/30Google Meetemail:
NUNEZTh, April 23rd 2-4PM, Fri April 24th 8-10AMNunez ConferencesGoogle / Text message Call in (773) 688-8592
PARKS11am - 3pm Friday, April 24thMs. Parks Appointment Calendar Email:
PATTON2:30 - 4:30 Friday, April 24th and 3:30 - 5:30 Tuesday, April 28thMs. Patton's Appointment CalendarGoogle MeetEmail:
PETEREK2-4pm Fri., Apr. 24th, 3:30-5:30pm Tues. Apr 28Peterek Math 2F/Science 1 Conferences Appointment CalendarGoogle
PLUNKETT1-3pm Thursday, 4/23, 1-3pm Monday, 4/27Ms. Plunkett's Appointment CalendarGoogle
REED4-6pm Fri 4/24; 4-6pm Tues 4/28; 10-12:15am Weds 4/29Reed Appointment Calendar 4/24 4/28 4/29Google
ROBBINS2-6 pm Thursday 4/30Ms. Robbins Appointment CalendarGoogle
SALTOUROS2-6pm Fri Apr 24th & 2-6pm Tue Apr 28thMs. Saltouros Appointment CalendarGoogle Meet:, Hangout, Call in: +1 336-864-0751 and enter this PIN: 428 780 608#
SANDHU2-6 PM Thursday 4/24Email to set up an appointmentGoogle
SANTOYO2-6 pm Monday 4/27email: to set up an appointmentemail: lsantoyo1@cps.eduemail:
SCHROERS*2-6pm Thur, April 23rdMr. Schroers Appointment CalendarGoogle
SIMMS-DICKERSONEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointment
SINGLETON12-4-ThursdayMs. Singleton's Appointment Calendar
SOUFERIS1-3 p.m. Thursday 4/23 & 1-3 p.m. Monday 4/27Appointment Calendar for 4/23Google
TYAGI11-4pm Thurs 4/23 & 1:30-4:30 pm Fri 4/24Tyagi Q3 PT Conference 4/23
Tyagi Q3 PT Conference 4/24
Google Meets and Google
classroomGoogle Forms: Sign-in
WANG2-4 pm on Tuesday (April 28) and Thursday (April 30)Ms. Wang's Appointment CalendarGoogle
WARRENEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointment
WERMEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointment
WILDEApril 23rd, 2:30 - 5:00 pmWilde Parent-Teacher Conferences 4/23/20Google Meetemail:
WILLIAMSEmail to set up an appointmentEmail to set up an appointmentGoogle
YACKEEApril 28 2:00 to 6:00 PMEmail to set up an appointmentGoogle
YOUNGBLOOD2-6pm Wednesday, April 29Youngblood Conference Appointmentsgoogle
ZAYEDApril 23 11:15- 5:15Zayed's available PT Calendargoogle