Lyrikally Xplicit Open Mic

Thu, 02/21/2013

By Jada Thorne

Okay, so we all know about Lyrikally Xplicit, right? The cool, courageous spoken word group here at Brooks. If you didn’t know, now  you do! They performed in the Louder than a Bomb talent show (a talent show that showcases student artists) in the library not too long ago. I took advantage of the moment to interview them, so we could all learn about the nerves and future ambitions of the young stars. So here it is, meet Mia, Mariah, Savia, Dayneeia, Destiny, and Ciara.

How do you feel when you’re performing?          

Mia: “I feel relieved because I finally get to tell people what I’m feeling; no filter.”

Mariah: “I feel the adrenaline, but I’m not nervous or thinking about it because I love to perform”

Savia: “Very nervous, but I overcome my anxiousness at the end.”

Dayneeia: “I’m nervous, but confident in myself. I’m not going to freak out and not do it. When I’m done It feels satisfying.”

Destiny: “I’m relieved that I’m finally getting to express what I want to say.”

Ciara: “I feel kind of scared, but kind of good in a way.”

Although they all engage in this club currently, most of them don’t plan on perusing this professionally in the future. Mariah does say that she wants to do musical theater later on in life, and Savia said that she may be a rapper (jokingly). Destiny wants to go into business, while Ciara wants to be a sociologist. Dayneeia doesn’t want to pursue it at all.

“It’s just a fun hobby,” the girls said.


Make sure you check out the open mic during lunch next time and wish the Louder than a Bomb (LTAB)team luck for this week's competition!