January Dr. Howard Staff Member of the Month Award

Tue, 02/02/2016

January's students and staff picks for Dr. Howard Staff of the Month Awards were Mr. Tyrone Ento-Nichols, Security Guard and Mr. Alexander Kmickewycz.


This is what voters had to say about them:


Mr. Ento-Nichols

“He has embodied what it means to be brooks even before they were called the "Be's of Brooks". He deserves this. He has given countless students the speech they needed to hear and he also gives great advice on school when someone feels down about it. He loves this school and students with all of his heart. After break he talked about how much he really missed being at the school with us.”


Mr. Alexander Kmickewycz

“He is always breaking it down and helping me to understand my work more easily he does tutoring everyday which give his dedication to his students. He helps all students even those who are not of his class. Mr. Kmicikewycz is, has shown he puts more than 110% into his job at Brooks. Also he is very supportive and is always willing to lend advice and extra support for all who need it.”


“He always provides new, innovative lessons, and practice work for us to do, along with providing almost daily tutoring for both his Integrated Math, and Science classes. I am in Mr. Kmicikewycz's Integrated Science class. In his class from what I observed, and experienced, he’s very intelligent, only gives us the most highh quality materials he can get his hands on for his lessons. This not only leaves his students ready to learn in his class but outside of the class as well.”


“Mr. K is one of the best teachers in Brooks. He's always challenging his students to do better, not just in their education, but also in life. Even though Mr. K is one of the toughest teachers I have, he always gets things done. He challenges us with harder work so we can excel in what we do and he's always there to help us out. Mr. K is selfless (if that's a Be of Brooks) because he puts his students first.”