February Winners of Dr. Howard Staff Award

Fri, 02/06/2015

February winners of the Dr. Betty Howard Staff Award of the Month go to Security Officer Trubie Stinson and to Brooks' Technology Coordinator, Mr. Gian Luca Ferme.

Here are some of the comments from the nominations:

Mr. Stinson:
"The man does not mess around. He has a plan and he follows through with that plan. When he says he will do something, it will happen. He keeps track of things around the school like locks and lockers. He avoids drama and gossip but he knows things. He is the only security person who I have ever seen to come up to the 4th floor regularly and make his presence known. He also does not announce to me that he has arrived on the 4th floor as if this was akin to running his first Spring 5K after a long sluggish Winter. He is also not red-faced and out of breath when he gets there."

"Well, he's a security guard so I think the best feedback he gives to students is to act right and get to class on time. I know I value that feedback. Also, he has a few timeless "looks" that are educationally valuable feedback for staff and students. Its a rare man that can say so much, yet speak so little."

"Even though he walks slowly, he walks with purpose. This intimidates students. So does his silent stare."

Mr. Ferme:
"Mr. Ferme is an omnipresent and invincible IT army-of-one. Even with so much to be done, so many demands, and so many unexpected challenges, he always maintains poise and grace. Mr. Ferme is a knowledgeable, skilled, and personable professional."

"We rely more on IT than ever before for foundation tasks such as photocopying and printing to highly technical database management. He does it all. It is safe to say that the school could not function without Mr. Ferme. Beyond this, Mr. Ferme is also patient in teaching staff in the use of new technology and ways to solve problems as they arise. Recently, for example, I was unable to access a printer and Mr. Ferme immediately saw that the problem as he was effectively teaching me how to avoid this same issue in the future."

"Gian-Luca is awesome, and everyone knows it."

"Mr. Ferme is incredibly dedicated to making sure Brooks functions on a daily basis. He responds quickly to requests and goes above and beyond to make sure teachers have the support they need. In addition, Mr. Ferme interacts with the students and always has a smile for whoever he sees."

"Not only does Mr. Ferme support teachers, he has helped us learn how to take care of our technology needs. He taught several STEM teachers how to replace the toner in the main copiers, how to better use MasteryConnect, and install printers onto our computers. Without Mr. Ferme, I am not sure how Brooks would function."

"Mr. Ferme is an integral part of the day-to-day functioning of Brooks, and he deserves to be recognized for all the work he does."

"Mr. Ferme is always working to make Brooks a better place. He is constantly running around fixing things and helping others. Mr. Ferme gave me his phone number at the beginning of the school year so I could text him whenever I needed help like setting up my computer, the copier, printer in my classroom, fliers for clubs. setting up my website through Brooks... and the list goes on!"

"Mr. Ferme has always been around when I need help. He has shown great support for the new staff by showing us the ropes and making sure we had our tech needs met. "