December's Nomination for Dr. Howard Award is Mr. Schroers

Fri, 01/15/2016

December’s nomination for Dr. Howard Staff of the Month Award was Michael Schroers

A member of Brooks' STEM department, Mr.Schroers has dedicated his time and effort to students often staying after hours to aid those who need help, being a vital part in the preparation of students for college math.

Here is what some of the voting students and staff had to say about him:

“Mr. Schroers is an exceptional math teacher who is dedicated to making our students ready for the rigors of College Math. He is often available to give up his free time to aid students who are still fuzzy about mathematics. In the past, he has given me a refresher lesson in Algebra II so I could help my home bound students. I think he is one of the best teachers here at Brooks. I am an admirer of his professionalism and his dedication to our students.”

“Mr. Schroers is an incredibly dedicated member of the staff at Brooks. Since the beginning of the STEM department, Mr. Schroers has played a huge role helping shaping the math curriculum and supporting new teachers to Brooks. Over this past summer, he joined our Summer Design Project team to design a Problem Based Learning integration for the STEM department. The STEM II team is implementing a PBL unit this semester, and Michael has supported our team by helping us find resources, plan, and coordinating our efforts. We could not have done this unit without him. Mr. Schroers has helped numerous STEM department members become better math teachers by giving us feedback after observing our classes. He genuinely is interested in making sure that each member of our department becomes a better educator for the students of Brooks.”