Around the World in a Tea Cup

Fri, 10/07/2016
Mrs. Castro
Mrs. Castro, Club Sponsor

This school year would mark the second year that Mrs. Castro has been teaching spanish at Brooks. And like the new teacher, the club “Around the World in a Tea Cup” made its debut last year.

Run by Mrs. Castro herself, the club offers students a chance to taste the flavors of other countries as well a few from home. Not only does she supply a generous amount tea to be sampled, but she also gives insight on their origins and the meaning of their names. If that isn't enough for you, she buys cookies too.

Mrs. Castro requests that anyone who would like to join bring their tea cup or mug. She will not allow plastic cups or bottles. And she welcomes you bring something to share with the class as well. There is a Google Classroom (The code for it is o7ydmzj) for the club where she posts announcements and reminders about meetings which will be held on D-days after school.