Brooks Students Cross the Ocean

Fri, 03/15/2013

This spring, Brooks students are going on two separate trips: One to France and Spain (with Ms. Cagney and Mr. Mitchell) and one to Italy (with Ms. Santoyo).

Artists have found inspiration in France and Spain for centuries.  Brooks’ students are off on An Artist Tour of France and Spain to find that inspiration for ourselves in Paris, Provence, and Barcelona.  We will visit the Eiffel Tower, smile at the Mona Lisa, and search for Quasimodo in Notre Dame before stopping at a sidewalk café to watch the spring fashion parade past.  

In Provence, Van Gogh painted his sunflowers, and the Eagles will tour the region to soak in the colors before touring Roman ruins and the medieval walled city of Carcassonne.

Next, we travel to Barcelona will Flamenco dancers will entertain us, and we will make artwork to bring home as a souvenir. After a culture filled 11 days, we will return home to Chicago in bloom (hopefully).

The Brooks entourage will visit Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome. They will travel the canals and watch glassblowing demostrations, visit the historic St. Mark basilica, walk the center of Florence and learn how leather is prepared for fashion items. Then on to the spiritual center of medioeval Assisi, where St. Francis was born and where beautiful frescoes by Giotto celebrate the life of the Saint. Then on to Rome to watch the Sistine Chapel and the Roman ruins of the old capital of the world!