Honors French III and IV

Mary Cagney
World Languages
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Fren III (552301H)
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Bonjour! Bienvenue au français! My name is Mary Cagney, and I come to Brooks with nine years of teaching French. During my undergraduate studies at Rosary College (now Dominican University), I lived in Strasbourg, the capital of Europe and the seat of the European Parliament. After I started teaching, I earned my Masters from the University of Northern Iowa while living in France en famille every summer. I love the multinational aspect of French. English and French are the only languages spoken on five continents. It is the official language of some of the most important international organizations such as the UN and the Red Cross.Having chosen to study French. you join the throngs of others who have done so before you. In fact, French is the second most studied second language in the world after English, and for English speakers it is the easiest Romance Language to learn due to its strict adherence to grammatical rules and the fact that English derives 40% of its vocabulary from French. I am looking forward to getting to know my new students and their interests, and I hope to have an opportunity to demonstrate my talents also.

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Mon, 09/07/2015
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Thu, 09/24/2015
Honors French III and IV