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Don't forget to keep watching the Crash Course World History video series (both 1 & 2) on Youtube


www.wuhsd.org/Page/8690 ---USE THIS ON-LINE TXTBOOK TO HELP; it is our testbooks' next edition; clearer sections with individual section summaries and quiz questions at the end to help with review and understanding




Chapter 21 Note-taking Activity

WHAP Chapter 21 Read and Note Assignment:  Chapter 21 is entitled Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World (1750-1850); this chapter highlights (obviously) major revolutions, which will occur in America, France, and Haiti.  For this chapter I would like for you to complete notes the following way to help you better understand the themes in this chapter.


Section I: Prelude to Revolution: The Eighteenth-Century Crisis—detailed notes on the causes of these Revolutions; what is going on in the world that is impacted how people react/act in this area; pay close attention to fiscal (money) issues, Enlightenment ideologies, and popular (people) responses to change;


Section II & III: The American Revolution (1775-1800) & The French Revolution (1789-1815)—create SPICE charts for both the causes and effects of EACH of these revolutions; for example, why do the English Colonists living in America decide to socially, politically, culturally, economically, and because of interactions with England decide to revolt and fight for their freedom AND THEN how does this new found independence/freedom impact this new American country socially, politically, culturally, economically, and new interactions within the new American country and the “others” living there; same thing for France;


Section IV: Revolution Spreads, Conservatives Respond (1789-1850)—detailed notes on the causes of the Haitian Revolution, how they were able to take down Spain, and the implications (socially, culturally, economically, etc.) this revolution had on Haiti and the rest of the world; the impact of the Congress of Vienna (what did “they” do and how did it impact Europe and other European colonies); for the last section (Nationalism, Reform, and Revolution, 1821-1850) please take detailed notes noting the changes that occurred during this time; 

Due Date: 
Fri, 01/30/2015
Chapter 3 Thesis Creation

Create thesis statements based off of the prompts from Chapter 3: The Mediterranean and Middle East (2000-500 BCE); be sure to organize the information before creating a thesis statement


Chapter 3: The Mediterranean and Middle East


Directions: For the following question prompts create clear, concise, and sophisticated thesis statements


  1. Why have historians called the Assyrian Empire of the first millennium BCE the first true empire?
  2. How were the Assyrians able to conquer and control such a large and diverse empire?
  3. Trace the migrations of the people ultimately known as Israelites, noting the causes and consequences of those migrations.
  4. What was the experience of woman in Israelite society?
  5. Describe the nature and extent of Phoenician expansion in the Mediterranean.
  6. What is it meant by the description of Carthage as a commercial “empire”?
  7. Compare the rise of civilizations in the Aegean Sea area with the rise of earlier world civilizations.
  8. What were the reasons for the nearly simultaneous collapse of several civilizations in the Middle East and Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age?


For each prompt before you write the thesis, write out exactly what the prompt is asking for; this will help you in identifying what information you need to know in order to write and clear, concise, sophisticated, and effective thesis.  Show your work (thought process)

Due Date: 
Mon, 09/21/2015
Comparative Essay Outline: Rome & Han China

Using the Comparative Essay Outline (provided to you already or up above in the documents section), compare and contrast Rome & Han China; please make sure to provide evidence to support your baby thesis statements!

Due Date: 
Mon, 10/12/2015
Video: Islam Empire of Faith Video #2 (The Awakening) & SPICE activity

use the following link (www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1PxJomypQE) to find the video needed to complete your notes on this video series; you can also search it on your own; Islam: The Empire of Faith (there are 3 videos in all--we watch 1 in class and 2 needs to be done)


Also, complete the SPICE activity presented in class too!  See above if you need the handouts

Due Date: 
Thu, 10/29/2015
WHAP! World History Advanced Placement