AP Microeconomics

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AP Economics
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1 & 4

Payback               college essays that stand out       


For a worker with little time



Case for letting Teenagers sleep later


B's of Brooks


Mr. University



undergraduate pay


Robots & American Jobs


a monk's life


Light Up Lipsticks 

No pay, No spray





Year in Pictures 


An iphone journey



1. Canva

2. How to make a superior infographic   Link   1    2    3


College Is the Goal              

How to deal with distraction


economic growth (historical)  Last Mile                China & US Comparative Advantage         early admissions        stagnation    college

Beyonce'     Music Task         free college?     why doesn't everyone get the flu vaccine?   Nuns & Strip Club    Yuppies 

Interesting: book Review: "Chicagonomics", Black Friday & Cyber Monday   Chemicals     Distractions   Dumbing Down the phone  what courses to avoid    America's Best days      Making Caring Common   Room For Debate:   $15      Other benefits     why we think     Keys to Happiness       

Roger Federer, $ 731,000; Serena Williams 495,000



1. Exam Preparation:




a. Review Site   

b.   Review Packet: Topics, Chapter questions, & All The Graphs   (to see the graphs: Click on where an image should appear)

c. Albert: more MC help

d. Old FRQs

e. Common Pitfalls





3.Teacher  Video

1. ACDC ECONOMICS: Teacher: great videos

2. MJM Foodie : search on Youtube

3. Mr. University



1. Seminar: Stock Market Game

 Activity 1   2  3  investment calculator    Yahoo Finance (coke- get quotes)     YUM! (difference between parent company & subsidiary)    Mint  Rules#1  Rules#2    


2. Economics Challenge  Old Sample Tests 


3. Capital Hill Challenge   Creating Young Investors, One at a Time   Stock Market Game   Wicked Smart      Thanks Mia!: Stock Market Website

Unit 1: Economic Way Of Thinking

1. Introduction:



2.Kidney: Would you sell yours to pay for college?

Organ Reading #1: Steve Jobs

Reading #2 Death's Waiting List

Reading #3 Lebanese Black Market   

Reading #4: A Better Way

Reading #5: Blackmarket

Reading #6: Facebook

Reading #7: Iphone

Reading #8 Message    #9 Iran    #10 Waiting List

Another Ethical Issue:   Should Prostitution be a crime?


Economic Way of Thining: Scarcity & Choices

1. Survivor Game   Materials     

2. Aim To be Zero      Smith    King       Obama

3. Scarcity  Chairs       Sealed Bid   Prom    Rebate      

4. Opportunity Cost: Princple #2  Video    Application     Practice     Road Not Taken

5. Marginal Analysis  Pancakes   Laundry   Solutions      Extension

6. Trade: Red Paper Clip

7. Three Economic Questions

 8. Guidepost: Supermarket

 They claim, I argue


Endowments   Aid   early     Ranking        Racket   UIC     Lottery   tuition


Friedman   Krugman   Nudge    Activity

do you agree?/disagree?


Due Date: 
Mon, 09/01/2014
Unit 1: Production Possibilities Frontier (Curve) & Comparative Advantage

Chapter 2: Powerpoint uploaded above

Video: ACDC Production Possibilities Curve

A. Production Possibilities Curve

1. Production Possibilities Pre-Test

2. Wright's Baker

3. Model Examples

4. Differentiated Activities

5. Fun with PPC

6. Assessment

7. Nerdtown 


B. Comparative & Absolute Advantage

 1. Videos: MJM Foodie   ACDC

2. Model Problems

3. Jamaica, Lebron, & Practice Problems

4. US   Oil ?   Oil#1   Oil#2

5. Economist China Comparative Advantage


C. Positive vs. Normative Economics 


Summative: Chapter 1 & 2 (except Circular Flow) (see above for study material)




1. Aim to Be Zero

2. South Africa & AIDS

3. TPP:  #1   #2    #3

Due Date: 
Mon, 09/01/2014
Unit 2: Supply & Demand

I. Demand & Supply

1.  Demand & Supply at Brooks   Basic Practice (with shifts)

2. Demand & Supply Practice Problems: Determinants     

3. Equilibrium   Market for Pencils   Supply, Demand, Equilibrium Practice Problems    Shortage or Surplus

4. FRQ practice problems    

5. War on Drugs: Narconomics      Supply Side Drugs

6. Sample mc


II. Surplus: Consumer, Producer, & Total Market

1. Consumer Surplus Practice Problems   

2. Pit Market: Pencil 

3. Graphs     Leon & Fun World   More   MC format   06 FRQ


III. Applied Economics: Uber

7. UBER vs. Taxis: Technology Disrpuption, Rideshare Wars

Articles: Download above


1. PBS

2. FAA & Airplanes

3. Knowledge to Drive A London Cab

4. Man vs. Machine: Streets of London

 5. Self Driving Cars: Pittsburg

Due Date: 
Sat, 09/27/2014
Unit 2: Price Controls: Government Meddling


A. Price Ceiling

1. Mies Article

2. Price Control: College: YAY    College: NAY

3. Practice Problems      Frisbee & San Francisco

4. NY City Rent   John Stossel Video

5. College Ranking Racket 

6. London Cabbies


B. Price Floor

1. Min. Wage Article: Economist

2. McCaffrey FRQ

Living on Minimum Wage: Video Game   Room For Debate

3. Can you live on the Minimum Wage?

4.  A Worker with 3 Jobs

5. Final Price Control Practice Problems  Problem Set#2


C. Price Control Investigation     Discussion   Questions



I. Excise Tax:  Intro  Practice Problems   Ugly Sweater   Sample Problems     Soda

2. Different Types of Taxation

3. Practice FRQs: Excise Tax



Due Date: 
Sat, 10/25/2014
Unit 3: Elasticity


1.Intro To Elasticity Homework  

2. In-Class Review Reading         

3. Practice Problems #1            Total Revenue & Elastic                Elastic Numbers  

4. Elasticity Chart    & Grid

5. Wrightway Economics: Extension Problems: Problems & Answer Key located above

6. FRQS: Elasticity & Taxation 

7. Other Elasticities

8. Pizza & Elasticity

9. Midpoint Formula

10. Elastic Cotton

11. Tax incidence     Tax Incidence #2

SUMMATIVE #3: Chapters 3-7 

Due Date: 
Mon, 11/03/2014
Unit 3: Applied Economics


1. Task & Rubric

2. Argument Structure:  RFK    Obama

3. Review Problems: Old AP test: supply & Demand

Due Date: 
Sun, 11/30/2014
Unit 3: Maximize Happiness (mB=mC)

1. Decision Making 101: Opportunity Cost

a. Economic Profit

2. Decision Making 101: Marginal Analysis

 a. Thai Food

b. Nadia

c. Sam 

d. Sam & JT    JT Costs

e. Luann


3. Are we Rational?

a. Problems

b. Article


4. Budget Constraints

a. Budget Problem Set

b. College Dining Halls        Peapod


5. Marginal Value Per Dollar: Most Bang For Your Buck

a. Problem Set 1

b. Problem Set 2



a. KIVA loans  Banker to the Poor   Presentations

b. Song Analysis

c. Christmas Gift Giving:  Santaland Diaries  Cash or Gift:  Cash is Ultimate Gift    The Best Present   Economist Quotes 


7. Review: mB=mC, Optimal Budget

a. Problem Set: Intro   solutions    

b. Samantha


Due Date: 
Sun, 12/07/2014
Unit 4: Behind the Supply Curve: Costs

I. Production Function

A. Welcome Back  

1. 2015 Year in Pictures

2.  Jacob Lawrence Painting      Secret to a Long Life    As Robots Grow Smarter      Missouri Flooding

 3. Chapter 11 Pretest

B. Production Function: Marginal & Total Product

1. Links Task  Word      PDF 

2. Marginal & Total Product Practice Problems

3. Business Research

4. Why does Beyonce have a team of musicians/ dancers and I teach alone?


II. Firm Costs : Study guide

1. Vocabulary   Burgers

2. Practice Problems    #10PDF   #10 Word       Profit      FRQ      Review   Chapter 11 Practice Problems              

3. Solutions: Chapter 11        Solutions: Pretest&FRQ  

4. 2017 Set #1   Set #2



1. Walmart: Friend or Foe

World is Flat   The Unwinding : cash in while you can

2. Should Brooks Expand?: apply LRATC 

3. Practice Problems:  Problem    #16         FA 


IV. Disruption:  What does it mean?

1. Robot & AI:   Video        Article

2. Introducing Carrot

3.  Bad day for Uber

4. Amazon:  Truth Behind the Click       Reading Packet       Task      They Claim, I argue





Due Date: 
Tue, 12/30/2014
Unit 4: Perfect Competition

1. a.  Pre-Assessment               b. EWOT: Marginal Analysis & the Law


2.  4 types of Market    

a. Market vs. Firm       b.  Is this PC?

c. Why airlines want to make you suffer?   Posner & Baby Sale    MJ & Taxes   Richest People    Levitt Selling Sex


3. Perfect Competition: Who is happier: the producer or the consumer?

a. Simulation Market    Snow Cones    Exit Slip

b. Practice Problems   #1     #2     Reflect      Economic consultants

c. In the long run

 Long Run Practice Problems    Welker      Final Practice

d. Chapter 12 Solutions

 e. Practice FRQ

f. Review


f. Videos:

1. Short Run Shut Down: ACDC

2. Long Run Welker   Long Run HF: view both videos on HF site, focus on the 2nd video


4.  Pretest #2 

Due Date: 
Tue, 01/27/2015
Unit 4: Imperfect Competition: Monopoly, Oligopoly & Monopolistic


1. Videos:    MR/ Demand ACDC   MJMfoodie Monopoly     ACDC  Monopoly      ACDC Regulation   

Price Discrimination


2. Efficiency & Equity:  Does this company wield monopoly power that is unfair to society?

a. History of Monopoly    Diamond Empire  Eyeglasses    Google    NCAA Athletes    Diamonds are Bull       Debeers Now  

b. Monopoly Detectives:  Research     Short Version


3. Monopolies: Model

a. Marginal Revenue & Demand    ACDC Video     Elasticity

b. Profit Seeking Explain to 10 year old   Practice Problems    Answers


4. Regulating Monopolies: Benefits & costs of Regulation    Should they?

a. Standard Oil    Rockefeller Foundation    Microsoft Anti-Trust  Gates Foundation  Problem Set    PersonCorp    

b.   Natural Monopoly Long Run Monopoly

c. Lump Sum vs. Tax to the Firm


5. Price Discrimination   Video

a. Popcorn   Cost of College   Practice Problems     Price Discrimination Task  Pat's Patriotic Tattoos


6. FRQ Practice



1. Review Handout    Drug Cartels

2.  Practice Problems:  Intro   Pizza Express   Classics   concept Check  Practive FRQ  Problem Set #2   Grades      Activity    Pirates   Tit for Tat

3.   Nuclear Weapons   Statistics    In the Case?    Quote    Tsar Bomba  Cold War   Iran

4. Gender & Pay:   Sandberg #1   #2    Speak UP  She's rarely the boss

5. Carol Rose

6. Brady Bunch Episode

 7. video Games

 8. Explaining 2016 Republican Primary



 1. MJMFoodie Video           Questions to answer       Frank Bruni Article     

2. Hotelling:     Levis     Football   Political Logos     Obama Pepsi Coke         Lean Forward

3. Practice Work    Starbucks        FRQ practice

4. Sell This: Durian   Zimmern

 5. Water Bottles


 Two videos: thanks to Symone & Jerree: Monopoly  Oligopoly 



Due Date: 
Sat, 02/14/2015
Unit 5: Market Failure & Factor Market

I. Public Goods

1. Activity   Use Figure 17.1    on pg. 478 (4 types of goods)   

2. Measles   Questions

3. Price of Prom

 4. Tennessee Fire   No pay, no spray   Reaction

5. River Park     


II. Externalities

 1.MJM Foodie Video    Negative Externalities  Smog in China   Great Garbage Patch  Tainted Air   Hoy No Circular

2. Pollution & Coase Theorem  Jerks  Tragedy of the Commons    Moose       

3. Pegovian Positive Externality   Tax: Negative Externality

4. Practice Problems: a.   2008:do #2  Answer Key   b.  2010: do #3  Answer Key       c.  2011#3  Key  d. Practice Problems MC/FRQ

5. Mr. Plumbean (download section): toondo  bitstrips

6. Sweatshops  Yay   Nay

7. World is Flat

8. More Sex is Safer Sex (download section)


III. Factor Market: Demand For Labor =MRP= VMPL= (Price(MR) x MP)

1. Simulation: Who decides wage rates? (High School Economics: 3rd Edition)    Cupcake Wars       Preview Problems

2. Vocabulary   Chart       Shuffle      Wrightway      

3. Factor Market: Supply & Demand

a.  Essentials   Video MJM Foodie     Shifting Curves      

b.  Practice Problems #1   Practice Problem #2     FRQ Practice: 2010 Form B, then 2010    Additional Problems

4. Factor Market: Monopsony

a. MJM Foodie   Practice Problem   FRQ Practice #1     Article    

5. Cost Minimization: Least Cost Rule  & Profit Maximization Rule 

a.  PPT:Robot & Man  Paul Solomon    3 Combo Set

6. Assessment Preparation: Monospony Handout   AP questions & FRQ


7. Factor Market: Work & Wages

 a.  Compensating Differentials     Did you Know?  Ken Robinson & Education


8. Wage GAP


Choose one wage gap (GENDER, RACE, or CEO)  to study. Write a one page reflection on the what, why, and what should be done next. Must cite 4 sources – mine or your own. Topics/sources



b. Gender  Gap:

i. Everything you need to know. .

 ii.  John Oliver  

 iii. A Brand New Worldhow one graduating class from Stanford had different opportunities based on technology and gender, discusses the start of the internet)

iv. AAUW

 v. African American women & leadership

vi. Times article


c.   Race Pay Gap

i. Minding the Racial Wage Gap  (prejudice in hiring, wages) - U Chicago research

ii. Racial Wealth Gap: Urban Institute video

iii. Money & Black Power: Essence Magazine 

iv. Black Names: a resume burden?

v. Freakonomics on names, hiring

vi. Interaction of race & gender on wages

vii. Does race or gender matter more to your paycheck? (Harvard Business Review)

viii. Times Opinion: Kristof


d. CEO Pay 

i. One company's new minimum wage: 70000 a year

ii. Daily show-- Justified Compensation

iii. Why you should care that IBM's CEO is overpaid

iv. The wrong people care about CEO pay for the wrong reason

v. CEO and the next presidential cycle


IV. Income Distribution

 a. Lorenz  Curve & Gini Coeffecient      Practice Problems       You make the Rules      Chairs of Inequality 

b. Inequality for All (on Netflix)


V. International Trade

1. Overview  

2. Sweatshops : Article   Video  In Praise.  . .  Sweatshops still make . . .


V. Summative: Chapter 16-19 

Due Date: 
Sat, 03/14/2015
Final Exam & AP Exam Review

1.  AP Review:

a. Top of the page: #3

b. FRQ (in download):2 powerpoints: Cracking the FRQ, FRQ mistakes

c.   Review Sheet          Graphs       


2. Final Exam: Graduation: Steve Jobs or Mother Theresa

 3. Post Exam

A. Inequality 

B.  Money, Class, & Happiness:    Making it in the US  Can Money Buy Happiness   Subjective Well Being   Middle Class in Each City 

Social Mobility & Location   What Wealth does to your Soul

C. Careers: BLS or NACE  Record starting salary and job outlook for 2-3 careers you can potentially see yourself doing.

D.  Budgeting

E. Innovation Incubation

F.  Survey: Aim to Be Zero Self- Assessment    Class Survey



Due Date: 
Fri, 04/24/2015
AP Microeconomics