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Royalty free images are free digital photographic images for web and design.  They are usually stock photos that come in all qualities.  Since these images are royalty free you may use them without worrying about copyrights.  Some collections and images do cost money for you to purchase, others can be downloaded for free. You can use these images!


Here are some websites that have royalty free images:

Due Date: 
Wed, 08/28/2013
Micro/Macro Photo Assignment

Good Morning Students,

You must shoot 200 photos (minimum 100) from at least 3 different locations.  One location can be photos we took while in class on campus.

The 12 images you turn in should be mainly concerned with design.  Be creative with your sense of space and points of view.  There should be an equal amount of micro images and macro images.  They should all be landscapes and close up images.  Don't forget that you can consruct your own compostions that you can photograph.

I will be looking to see that you considered or used in your imagery: Line, Light, Focus, Angle of View, Symmetry & Balance, Pattern, Texture, Depth, Color

Remember to think and plan out your compostions and designs before you take the picture.

Due Date: 
Tue, 05/21/2013
Final Portrait

Today we will be beginning our final project before final exams.  You will be researching styles and techniques of creating a vector portrait.

Your vector portrait should:

-be 8 1/2" x 11" 300 ppi

-use a photo that shows your face clearly and shows an emotion

-show clear use of highlights

-show clear use of shadowing

-show multiple layers to demonstrate use of value

-demonstrate smooth transitions between values

Your job is to create a self portrait in Illustrator by tracing a photo with the pen tool. 

here are some helpful tutorial that will help you get started:
Due Date: 
Tue, 05/28/2013
Assignments Project 1

Good Morning Students.


Welcome to Computer Imaging.


Also, you will be turning in all of your work through your cps Google Drive account.


Whenever you send an assignment you will address the subject line as follows:


Today and during the next block we will be completing all 4 quizzes for Project One and writing up the vocab (all the bolded terms from chapter 1). They are the Short Answer(SA), Multiple Choice (MC), True/False (TF) and the Crossword Puzzle(CW). The Crossword puzzle is the link below and the other 3 files are attached below.  They are listed as: 


You will submit (when you are finished with everything): 

MC, TF, SA, Vocabulary and CW in your folder on the Google Drive.


That means that all 5 of these assignments will be included in ONE folder.


Double check that you have the correct files saved and included. If you are missing part of the assignment, include the wrong file, or do not mark the folder correctly then your work will be marked late. So double check everything before you complete it.


Folder should be labeled for this assignment as: Assignments Project 1


To submit CW, use print screen of completed page and paste into a word document.


If you finish working on this assignment and you have turned it in, you should begin working on your vocabulary for project 2.


The crossword puzzle is listed on this site.  Click on the link below and then click on the Crossword Puzzle Challenge under Chapter 1.  Use the printscreen button to copy and then paste results into a word doucment to turn in for credit.

Due Date: 
Wed, 09/24/2014
Parasailer Project 1

Good Morning Students,

Today you will be working on the parasailing project in project 1. As you read through the book it will guide you step by step through the process of opening a photo, editing, and cropping.

The chapter begins on page PS 4 and the project directions begin on PS 22 and end on PS 43. The parasailing Photoshop file is attached below.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRINT THIS!

Assignment Name: Parasailing Project One

So your subject line when you submit your homework should read: Your name and Parasailer Project One

The parasailer project should be sent as a JPEG or GIF file only. Do not send me a PSD file (Photoshop document)

Due Date: 
Tue, 09/10/2013
In The Lab Project 1

Good Morning Students,

Today we will be beginning work on the Apply Your Knowledge and In The Lab sections of the text. Follow the directions on Pages PS 58 - PS 62 and use the files listed below to complete these assignments.

You will not print any of the documents.

You will save them as JPEG files and email them to me all in one email.

Subject: Your Full Name & In the Lab Project One

Due Date: 
Tue, 09/10/2013
Candles Project 2

Good Morning Students,

Today we will be beginning to work on Project 2. I am attaching the file for the project starting on pages PS 69 through PS 106.

Subject Line: Your Name and Candles Project 2


Due Date: 
Wed, 09/18/2013
In The Lab Project Two

Good Afternoon Students,

If you have finished your previous assignments, then I would like you to  
begin working on the In the Lab portion of Chapter 2. Begin on Page PS 114 and  
end on Page PS 118. Save these all as JPEGs and send them to me together. 

Subject Line: In The Lab Project Two and your name 

Attachments: Rocket, Giraffe, and Engine JPEGs

Due Date: 
Wed, 09/18/2013
Assignments Project Two

Good Morning Students,  

First, begin your vocabulary.

When you finish with the vocabulary begin MC, SA, TF and CW for Project Two. They are attached below.

When you are finished with all five assignments, you will send them to me.

Subject Line: Your Name - Assignments Project Two

Attachments: Vocab, MC, TF, SA, and CW

For Cross word puzzle, use link below and click on Chapter 2 Crossword Puzzle Challenge:

Due Date: 
Wed, 09/18/2013
Chapter 1 & 2 Summative Assessment

Good Afternoon Students,

Today you will be beginning work on your Chapter 1 & 2 Summative Assessment Project which will be making your own
Flying Thing-A-Ma-Gig out of the JPEG file using all of the parts given.

Your objective is to show mastery of the following tools, functions and manipulations in Photoshop from Chapters 1 & 2:

-Move Tool

-All Lasso Tools

-Elliptical and Rectangular Marquee Tools

-Magic Want

-Crop Tool

-Proper use of Anti-Aliasing

-Transformations: Perspective, Rotate, Resize, Warp, etc.

-Use of Alt to copy

-Use of Shift to constrain dimensions

-The Use of the Navigator and History Palettes

-Opening, Editing, Saving and Saving As

The results should have a clear front and back, landing gear and flying apparatus.  The final product should have clean crisp lines and smooth edges from your cutting and cropping and there should be no overlapping or left over pixels from your selections.

To begin:

Open a new 11 x 8.5 Inch document with 300ppi and a white background setting in Photoshop

Use your tools, knowledge and experience of Photoshop to manipulate the images from the JPEG into a Flying-Thing-A-Ma-Gig.

When you think you are finished, save as a jpg file and send to me.

Subject line: Chapter 1 & 2 Summative Project and your name

Due Date: 
Fri, 09/27/2013
Assignments Project Three

Good Morning Students,  

First, begin your vocabulary.

When you finish with the vocabulary begin MC, SA, TF and CW for Project Three. They are attached below.

When you are finished with all five assignments, you will send them to me.

Subject Line: Your Name - Assignments Project Three

Attachments: Vocab, MC, TF, SA, and CW

For Cross word puzzle, use link below and click on Chapter 3 Crossword Puzzle Challenge:

Due Date: 
Mon, 09/23/2013
House Project Three

Good Morning Students,

You should have finished your Assignments Project 3.  If you are finished then begin by saving the files
from this assignment and opening the text to PS 124.  Follow the instructions and
complete the house.

Subject Line: House Project 3 and your name.

Send as a JPEG


Due Date: 
Fri, 09/27/2013
In the Lab Project Three
Good Morning Students,

If you have finished your previous assignments, then I would like you to begin working on the In the Lab portion of Chapter 3. Begin on Page PS 184 and end on Page PS 187. Save these all as JPEGs and send them to me together.

Subject Line: In The Lab Project Three and your name
Attachments: all as JPEGs

Due Date: 
Fri, 09/27/2013
Grimm Story (Game On!)

Good Morning Students,

You will be creating a new fairy tale based on Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Grimm's Fairy Tales are a collection of 200+ Authentic European Folk Tales compiled and originally published in Germany in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm.  Some of the most iconic, well known and beloved children's fairy tales are based off of the stories compiled by the Brother's Grimm, including: Snow White, Rapunzel, Hanzel and Gretel and Cinderella. Many children around the world know and love these stories and have seen the Disney cartoons that used them for inspiration.  However, these stories are much more graphic than they are depicted now and often had a dark ending which included a moral lesson to help teach children right from wrong and protect them from danger, cautioning things, such as, witches, wolves and strangers.  It is these dark lessons that we will examine to help guide us through our investigation for this lesson.

1. Go to

2. You will each choose 3-5 possible stories from the "complete list" of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Choose stories that you are unfamiliar with and that will be "new" to you.

3. Read a few of these stories and decide which you will choose for your project.  Each student in class will only be able to choose each story ONCE.  So have a back up or two.

4. Once you have read the story, you will fill out the form and email it to me.

5. It is important that you personalize your story, making it your "own", and that you will give it a modern "twist" to connect with your readers.  Remember: These stories may be published if this project goes well.  So, invest in your story and characters to make them come alive.

Subject line: Grimm Story and your name

Other inforamtion:
Due Date: 
Fri, 02/14/2014
Cartoon Reality
Good Morning Students,
We will be beginning the next project; Cartoon/Reality.  For this project you will take cartoon characters and put them into a real environment.  The environment that you insert them into should be proportional to the character's size, shape and perspective.  The character must appear to interact and "belong" in the situation you place them in.  Think about juxtaposition, contrast and unification when making decisions on your character/environment pairings.  When placing a character into an environment, remember, you must include shadowing and reflections where necessary, so don't use an environment or character that does not require one or both of these.
- Open a new PS document, 8.5 x 11", 300 ppi, RGB Mode
- Find the character(s) you would like to work with. (Find 15 Cartoon Images)
- Find the place or realistic Photo you would like to place them in. ( Find 15 realistic Photos)
- Resize/Warp/Transform the images so the fit together realistically and proportionally.
- Adjust the Hue/Saturation and the Contrast/Brightness to make the images appear to belong in the same environment together.
- Add Shadows and Reflections to complete the image (with adjustments to Gaussian Blur and Opacity).
- Save as a JPG file and send to me.
- Subject Line: Cartoon/Reality and your name
Due Date: 
Fri, 10/25/2013
Digital Color Wheel

Good Morning Students,


Today we will be beginning our unit on color.  The final project will be a thematic digital color wheel.  After the color presentation, use your notes to fill in the color worksheet attached below.  Keep this file as you will turn it in along with your completed digital color wheel.


Digital Color Wheel:

1.     Download the color wheel template below and save it to your flash drive in the folder you have made for the digital color wheel project.

2.     Choose a theme for your color wheel.  Choose something you are interested in and something that comes in a full range of colors that will represent each color on the color wheel.

3.     Begin searching online to find several examples representing each color of your topic choice.  Make sure you have your image search tools set to Large or between 2 – 4 Mb for maximum resolution.

4.     Once you have all the color image representations for your topic, open the digital color wheel template file in Photoshop.

5.     Either drag and drop or open your first image in the template and remove the subject from the background using both the selection tools and the eraser tool.

6.     Resize and adjust the image into the proper placement on the color wheel.  Give each layer a name to identify each image.

7.     Choose an appropriate font that enhances or compliments your theme.

8.     Change the color of the font to the color you are representing for each image and center it over the corresponding line using the Color Picker and the Type Tool.

9.     Repeat this process for each color on the color wheel.


You will be assessed on:

1.     Successful use of tools such as move, lassos, magic wand, marquees, type, etc.

2.     Collection of various representational images for each color on the color wheel.

3.     Smooth, even, accurate and well cropped image and selection edges.

4.     Color matching of images and type to corresponding color wheel colors.

5.     Appropriate font choice that enhances theme.

6.     Balanced, centered, even and well-placed images and fonts.

7.     Unique, interesting and dynamic choice of theme and representational images.

8.     Understanding of Photoshop program and color theory application.

9.     Being good.


Attachments: Colorwheel Worksheet and Digitial Color Wheel JPG

Subject Line: Digital Colorwheel and your name


Due Date: 
Fri, 11/22/2013
Veggie Face

Fruit/Veggie Face - 9 Summative Points

1. Open a New Photoshop Document.

2. Dimensions (H:11in, W:8.5) (300 PPI)

3. Background: White

4. Name document: Final Exam, Last Name, First Name

5. Choose a facial expression and write it down, this will be the expression you will be making for your project.

6. Make the expression and pay attention to how you have to manipulate your face.

7. Go to the website:

8. Choose 10-15 images to build your face.

9. Click on the image to make it large. Right click on the large image and Save Image As onto your desktop.

10. Open the images into your Photoshop document and begin creating your face.


- Move Tools

- All Lasso Tools

- Magic Wand

- Marquee Tools

- Layer Adjustments

- Transformation Controls

- Proportional Controls

Rubric: ( 9 Total Points)

·       Sent as a JPEG with proper dimensions

(Height: 11 inches X Width: 8.5 inches)

·       Student used 10-15 images to construct the face.

The face includes eyes, nose, eyebrows, hair, and ears, all working together to create an easily recognizable expression.

Expression is not neutral or stale.

Face is symmetrically balanced and unified.

All images are selected clean, with no jagged or missing parts.

Student mastered use of all tools including: Move Tool, All Marquee Tools,All Lasso Tools, Layer Adjustments, SHIFT to Constrain and Transform Controls.

The face is arranged well, with some images in front andsome behind showing proper proportion and depth.

Class time was used wisely.

Much time and effort went intothe planning and designing of the face.

Student used originality and creativity to create a unique face.

Care has been taken to balance the features across the face in order to show the facial expression and add character.

Due Date: 
Thu, 01/16/2014
Digital Imaging