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Watch The Colored Museum's Videos

If you missed the top-notch performance of Brooks' Drama Club, Encore, we have posted it on YouTube. Here are the links:

Ms. Zayed's Classes' Hot Air Balloons

In what has become now an annual affair, Ms. Zayed's classes have worked in groups to design the best hot air balloon, create theories on their...

Senior Vashon Jordan's Video Featured on DNAinfo

One of Brooks' senior Vashon Jordan's videos was recently featured on the online site of DNAInfo.

Code 60 Is Here!

CPS CS4All and The Office of Leadership and Learning has partnered with Digital Youth Network (DYN) and Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) to launch...

Open to All at Brooks' Open House

Ah, Open House. The nostalgia that this event alone brings is both fascinating and terrifying. Why terrifying? This Open House made me think how old...

Out on a Fall Day

As the weather changes and the leaves turn all sorts of different colors, why not experience our beautiful Midwestern fall for yourself?

Go, Cubs, Go!

Chicago stand up! 

A Look Ahead: A Strategic Vision for CPS

On November 2nd, 2016, principals, students, Local School Council (LSC) representatives, and community organizations from across the far south side...

A Shower in the Sky

Until November 14, a spectacular event will take place across the sky. This event is called a Orionid Meteor Shower, and it happens almost every year.