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NASA photo of a Orionid Meteor Shower

A Shower in the Sky

Until November 14, a spectacular event will take place across the sky. This event is called a Orionid Meteor Shower, and it happens almost every...

Photo of the French students and teacher with some of their chaperones, Ms. Cagney and Principal Jackson.

Exchange of Ideas

Last month, a group of students and their English teacher from Nantes, France, spent two weeks shadowing students at Brooks. They roomed with their...

Interview with Our New Band Teacher

This year Gwendolyn Brooks welcomed in a few new Eagle teachers. In the Music Department, two teachers were hired to replace Ms. Seavoy who left to...

Screenshot from the movie "Don't Breathe".

Don't Read... If You Are Easily Scared...

On Friday, October 21st, the National Honor Society will hosting its annual Movie Night and, because we're so close to Halloween, it only makes...

Picture of a typewriter

Tenacious Typing in Typing Seminar

Hello, my name is Na’im Muhammad and I am here to talk to you about an excellent seminar at our school!

Students sitting during 2016 Brooks Pep Rally

Too Good To Be a Rally

By Na'im Muhammad (#ClassOf2K19)On Thursday, October 13th, 2016, students were given an altered A-Day schedule with 90 minutes cut from their usual...

Photo of one of the post it note artworks depicting a space invader.

Glass and Wall Space Invasion

In the past weeks, Brooks’ windows have been invaded by Post-it® note art (see more pictures here).

Mrs. Castro

Around the World in a Tea Cup

This school year would mark the second year that Mrs. Castro has been teaching spanish at Brooks. And like the new teacher, the club “Around the...

Football players on field

The Eagle Spirit

Friday night lights were on at Gately Stadium on Friday, with a football game between the Eagles and Mustangs. Quarter one to quarter four, for sure...